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Football Trainer Solo. Kick Soccer ball

Many people dream of achieving the same dreams as their idols.
My objective is to share over 20 years of experience, knowledge and training to help you to achieve those dreams.
I know first hand that obstacles can be overcome with effort and perseverance and that our goals in life can be achieved. I can direct the necessary expertise to focus you on achieving your ultimate life goal. Aimed at children from the age of four to fifteen years whether they are linked to a team or sports group or not, this coaching will complement the existing works done. 
Football Trainer Solo. Kick Soccer ball

  •  Quality Training & Skills Development
  •  Training and Counselling Leading you to your professional football Career  
  •  Learn the Spanish Language While Playing Football
  •  Psychology and Emotional Intelligence
    •  Education and Life Skills
    •  Delivering,monitoring and periodically reviewing each players individual learning plan.
    • To supervise and be responsible for a group of young players at all times during training,    ensuring the safety of all..
    •  Psychology and Emotional Intelligence


                                                                 Be Trained by Miguel Llera working in collaboration with Jose Semedo (SWFC Players)  

Football Trainer Solo. Kick Soccer ball


I have forged a long career in football with strong and effective qualification.

I hold the  UEFA Pro Licensed  Coach Licensed and Master in Sport psychology and Coaching Sciences. I will deliver the necessary support and guidance to meet challenges and set objectives. I will help with achieving goals and reaching individual aspirations. Empowering and removing those barriers that hold us back, even if we are not aware of them.

Because I have overcome these obstacles in life , I now know what is needed to achieve success. I know through experience how to achieve goals and improve individual performances. This has a direct impact on self esteem and confidence.