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Llera Sport Skill Ball

Llera Sport Skill Ball



 Llera Sport Skill Ball is the best piece of soccer equipment and the best soccer training tool available for developing soccer skill and soccer technique as it also improves soccer coordination, soccer agility and soccer touch. All at the same time!

 From young developing players to experienced pro's, the Llera Sport Ball improves soccer skill, timing, concentration, confidence and touch. 

 The best part? It is extremely fun and does not get boring!

 For years, we as coaches, have been tossing balls gently, at soccer player’s feet to develop, maintain and perfect soccer touch and skill.

 In addition the player is very likely to use parts of their strong and weak foot that they never used before! It’s a natural progression with this soccer tool.

 Last but not least, as the amount of soccer ball playing repetition is so high, and the player becomes so comfortable with their soccer ball striking techniques that the ball striking techniques become instinctual. (That is when the football player can perform, in a split second, the exact required ball striking technique, without having to think about it!)


Llera Sport Ball is the best training ball available because:


1. It allows the player to kick without holding a cord.

2. It returns the ball in a realistic and game like way.

3. It allows consistant repitition which makes players better, faster.

4. It forces players to use both feet, developing the neglected, weak foot.

5. It's fun and requires little space. Use it anywhere!

6. It improves coordination and soft touch, very important soccer requirements.

7. It's great for any age. The Perfect Birthday Gift.

8. It's great for Home Training and Team Training.

9. CE Certificate.

10. Exclusive Product, Patent PCT.





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